Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Let's look at a couple more readings to play around a little.

IONEIXHE DIE is the famous phrase that occurs when you hold a mirror up to the drumhead on the Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Credit for the drumhead art is given to "Joe Ephgrave".

Using a rune system and the numerological meanings from Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia, which includes further definition from Aleister Crowley's Sephir Sepherot we can look into the dimensional vibrations behind these phrases and images. I'm struggling how to include all the information without making the post hard to follow, so I will be listing the Runes by name, number, image and meaning at the bottom of this post; so you can look at the bottom for the image and info on each Rune.

My first reading of the phrase using shape and letter association
 with the Runes, adding the total value

So, the first way I examined it was using the Runes "Is" (a Rune that looks like a 1 or I) and "Giffuu" (a Rune That looks like an X) to represent the 1's and X; otherwise I just aligned each letter with it's corresponding rune and applied the number value for each, adding it up.

 The first number I get to is 680 which vibrates with the following meanings:
-Thirty Vermin

If I add one from "Doarnn" (Thorn shaped Rune) which means "inception" we get 681:
-A Joyful noise, battlecry

If I replace the runes for the "I"'s and "X" with the runes that have that number value of 1 and 9 I get 276.

Some of the meanings of 276:
-The moon
-Goetic Demon #49

If I use "Is" with the value of 7 but replace the runes spelling out "One" with the rune "Doarnn" (which has the value of 1) and replace the runes representing the "IX" with the rune that has the value of 9 "Ing" (shaped like 2 arrows crossed over each other with an open, diamond-shaped center), keep the Runes "Aeggle" and "An" for "He" and spell Die with the rune that represents the letter D "Dea" (X-shaped rune connected on the sides) and the rune that represents the sound, "ie" which is called "Anis" and looks a bit like a phoenix. (I can actually keep it the same as originally worked out with the letter runes and get the same result, because Die adds up to 51 either way) I get 113.

Some of the meanings of 113:
-Likewise, the same
-Female gender
-A giving away, a remitting (Def. cancel or refrain from exacting or inflicting (a debt or punishment).)
-A stream, brook

Now, if I rework the equation keeping it all the same, but replace the rune "IS" that is representing the first I in the phrase with the rune "Doarnn" which has the number value of 1 I get the number 107. 

Some of the meanings of 107:
-Star of David
-Chain; Flaming arrow [Note- the Angel in the Ecstasy of St. Teresa sculpture featured in an earlier post had a flaming arrow]
-An Egg

Now, we can add another "Doarnn" rune with the number value of 1 to see what is behind the inception, and we get 108. I think an added justification for adding the one to this number is the instrument Paul holds, which looks like a one.

Some meanings of 108:
-The ears
-A wall
-To force, to do wrong to
-to love very much
-the middle [where Paul and his instrument is]
-to shut up, obstruct
-to measure out; deceivingly tall
-Masculine gender
-A giant: "the lust of God"

So, now I got all these meanings, but I forgot something...there is another symbol in that phrase, isn't there? The diamond shaped image that is pointing up at Paul? That looks like the Rune "Yar" (a rune with a line through the middle and a triangle on both sides, slightly unmatched) turned on it's side, and has the number value of 3. I will rework each of the above numbers now adding the 3.

680+3= 683, some of the meanings of which are: 
-The world of Nobility
-The Divine of Archetypal World

113+3= 116:
-Emplacement (Def. 1. A prepared position, such as a mounting or silo, for a military weapon. 2. The act of putting into a certain position; placement.)
-The Munificent Ones (Def. 1. Very liberal in giving; generous. 2. Showing great generosity)

276+3= 279:
-Bull, victim, offering
-the Snakey Ones

If I subtract 1 from the above (from the rune Doarnn which means inception when added, but "bringing and end to" when subtracted) and get 278:
-Cherubs, Angelic choir

If I add 3 to the 107 I get 110:
-with, by, near
-resemblance, image, like
-Banner, sign, standard
-right hand or side
-Cherubic signs; (See inset image for this because I can't get the font to make the symbols)**
-At the end of days, right hand

Also, for Fun I checked out the meaning of the number 119, since thats what the message is saying the number is and we get the following meanings:
-Lydian Stone (touchstone; a stone that was used to test the purity of gold and silver)
-Beelzebub- the Fly God

Ok, so there's all that. That's a lot of information. I just want to do one more. "Joe Ephgrave" the mysterious artist of this Drumhead. What does his name mean?

So, first reading of this name I Spell out the name using runes chosen by sound and letter. For J I use the Rune "Yar, which represents also the letter J"=3, For "oe" I use the Rune "Os, which represent the letter O"=70. For Epgrave in this first reading I use "An, representing the letter E"=40, "Fay-oh, representing the ph sound"=80 at a lower frequency and 800 at the higher frequency, G is represented by the Rune "Yar"=3, which when used backwards as "ray" is used for the "ra" for another 3, and the Rune "Eel, representing the letter V"=6. When I add this 3+70+40+80+3+3+6= 205. 

Some meanings of 205:
-Mighty Hero
-Mountain (Splendorous) [Holy Mountain? does Joe Ephgrave have a connection to Alejandro Jodorowsky? Just a thought]

If we add one (Doarnn- Beginnings) we get 206:
-To see, observe, perceive, consider

If we subtract one (Doarnn- Endings) we get 204:

Ok, so now let's break things up a bit. If we look at just the portion of the equation that spells out "Ephgrave" and add that up with the lower and higher meanings of the Rune "Fay-oh" (the one representing "ph" with 80/800) we get two numbers, 132 and 852. 

-To make waste; to deceive

852 doesn't carry much meaning on it's own, but when you subtract one (ending) you get 851: Souls
When you add one (beginnings) you get 853: Orchard [Apple?]

Now, another way I worked this equation was looking at Ephgrave differently, spelling out the "grave" part a little more. The first three rune-letter combinations stay the same, but for R I use the R-shaped Rune "Ret"=200, for A I use the rune representing that letter, "Eck"=1, for V I use the rune representing that letter "Eel"=6 (** see below) and I seal up the ending E by using the rune "An" (shaped like an M), representing that letter=40. 
I miswrote the number value for "Eel" V as 3- should be 6. Happy accident, it led me to another way of seeing this, so I'll run the numbers corrected, but I'm not fixing this image...

So from this I get two equations, "40+80+3+200+1+6+40= 370" or "40+800+3+200+1+6+40=1,050"

-To Rule
-A foundation, Basis
-To read, cut, blame, curse

Now, the nearest meaning to the number 1,050 is held in the number 1,047, which I actually came up with first (because I miscalculated the "Eel"6 as a 3)...but that meaning is examinable if we subtract 3, because 3 represents mirror...and a Mirror is half of the "artist" in this creation. If we remove the mirror, we only have Ephgrave drumhead, giving us the following numbers:


-Diaphragma Supra [A Drumhead is a diaphragm, is it not?]

Now, if I add back in the 73 that comes from the first name "Joe" I get the numbers 440 and 1,120. 

Some of the meanings of 440:
-Collecting or Collective Intelligence
-Whole, complete, simple, pious, innocent, sincere, mild, perfect
-The Great Dragon


Now...this is an example of how you work this...you try various things out, adding things up different ways to see what you end up with. I've found lots of interesting clues, but I still feel like "Joe Ephgrave could be worked out a little bit more. 

One thing that I would like to point out, though, before I list the meanings of each rune used in this session is the meaning of the rune "Yar", which was used 3 times in my initial reading of "Joe Ephgrave" and two times in the second reading of that name. One of the meanings of Yar is "Mirror, House of Mirrors" ;)

"Doarnn" has the value of 1 and the meaning "Inception" and can be added and subtracted from equation to put them into motion, or bring them to a halt. 
"Is" represents letter I; Number: 7
Is: Isis, ice, Rainbow Bridge, constriction, standstill, pausing before pulse, gravity force, delay, blockage, stilling of action, denotes a need for sacrifice, be prepared for signs of change, "The more you know the more dangerous you are",

"Fay-oh" represents the letter O; Number 70
Os: Osiris, speaking mouth, orator, bard, wisdom, learning, shamanism, inspiration, ecstasy  truth being spoken, learning, teaching, finding a master or guide, word, Wyrrd, head. 

"Naid" represents the letter N; Number 60
Naid: Need, firestick and bow, change, transformation, angular momentum, delays, constraint, plan carefully, transform negativity, seek the help of others, Measurement, That Which Moves Around It.

"An" represents the letter E; Number 40
An:  Horse, the physical body, transport, balance, movement, carriage, transit, swiftness, progress, denotes loyalty and devotion

"Giffuu" represents the letter/shape X; number 400
 Giving, charity, sharing, love of home and family, sharing, partnership, union, giving with much joy and love, bring balance to relationships.

"Aeggle" represents the letter H; Number 5
Aeggle: Hail, harsh agent of change, bad conditions, breath, loss or damage, act of God, natural disaster that promotes change, bad weather
"Dea" represents the letter D; Number 4
Dead: Day, hope, highest good, polarity of light and dark, polarization, period of prosperity, breakthrough, inspiration, Great Self Change, challenges ahead.

"Ing" represents the sounds "ing"; Number 9
Ing: Here, God, Consort of Earth Goddess, generative force, creative power, great potential energy, sexuality, magic, new path, heroism, divine guide, emergence from habit.
"Anis" represents the sound/letter combination IE; Number 47
Anis: Waves, coming in/coming out, Unstoppable force, immovable object, penetrating sonic (tone)
"Yar" represents the letters G and J; Number 3
Yar: Seasonal cycle, marriage of heaven and earth, hypercube/hologram, A years time, Unit, a fertile season, beneficial outcome of harvest or labors, reward for hard work, the unfolding moment, MIRROR

"Fay-oh" represents the letter/sound of F or ph; Number 80 and 800
Fay-oh: Wealth, cattle, power, status, possessions, prosperity, fulfillment of material desires, rewards, maintaining prosperity, use wealth wisely

"Eel" represents the letter V (and Y); Number 6
Eel: Eel grass, horns, ward off evil through knowledge, protection, the bridge, Pull of project/energy, and Unseen Peril, a warning to look before you leap, "control ones emotions", take care, use spirit. 

"Ret" represents the letter R; Number 200
Ret: Riding, music, Movement, rhythm, action, traveling, moving, communication from afar, reunion, listen to your inner self, be free to move. 

"Eck" represents the letter A; Number 1
Eck: Oak, trust, of practical value, promise fulfilled, charge, renewal of old strength, remembering past experience, trustworthy advice, purpose, strengthen